100% Butter, 100% Delicious!


Those of you who know me know that I don’t skimp on the quality of my ingredients! My cupcakes are always fresh, baked daily with the best possible ingredients (lemon and lime zest, fresh raspberries, fresh basil). I use Barry’s dark chocolate and cocoa. I use an exceptional quality of Madagascar vanilla. The coffee beans are traditionally roasted (Barista coffee).

I use only butter, no oils, no artificial flavours, no preservatives or powdered sugar. My cupcakes are therefore soft and not too sweet. Many clients have assured me that they are the best cupcakes in Montreal... you be the judge!


The same goes for my shortbreads, I use the best possible ingredients (orange, lime, and lemon zest, fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, basil, and biological chai spices). I use Barry’s cocoa, dark, and white chocolate, and an exceptional quality of Madagascar vanilla.

I hope you will have as much pleasure tasting my products as I had preparing them.



I do not use peanuts, nuts nor almonds in the making of my products, but I cannot offer the certification. We take good care not to bring any nut, almond and peanuts in the kitchen, even in my employees lunches. We use Barry chocolate which is certified nutfree. Lots of allergic children eat my products and do decorating activities in my boutique.

There are no eggs in my shortbread, but they do contain gluten and butter (dairy product).There is also some meringue power in the royal icing used in some of my decorated cookies.